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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. School started back and with my schedule it is hard to find some extra time. I am reviewing Zombieland since it was mentioned in a previous review. To my surprise, a few people have not seen Zombieland, which may be my favorite movie of all time. When you think of a zombie movie, you probably think of the slow paced undead that just has one goal, to feed. In Zombieland, the zombies have the same urge to feed, but have the capability to think for themselves and can run in a dead sprint. They also try to attack people at their most vulnerable moments which works out pretty well. Even though this is a zombie movie, it is also a comedy. Zombieland keeps the hilarity rolling in from the beginning with the star (Jessie Eizenburg) finally getting a chance to brush a girls hair over her ear. This chance is his first encounter of the undead, which ends up in a hilarious fight to survive. From here on the story is based on him getting home to his parents. Along the way he picks up a companion (Woody Harrelson) who has a knack for killing zombies. Some would say it is his calling in life. They also meet up with two sisters that always dupe them over and over. Throughout the movie, you are also given a list of rules to help you survive. There are 33 rules which are way too many to list, but if you fear the zombie apocalypse I highly suggest reading it. I know I have. The one thing I wish this movie would of done, was have a zombie kill of the day. I was so excited when I first saw the preview and saw the piano the old lady dropped on the zombie, then the message how it was the zombie kill of the day, but it was the only one in the movie. Aside from that, I have no complaints about the movie at all. It is non-stop action and comedy. Also, it is hard to hate a movie that has Bill Murray in it. At least I have yet to find one I hate. I would defiantly say this movie was worth the 8 bucks when it was in theaters and I am glad to say I purchased it the day it was released on DVD.

Also, if you are on a diet and very little will power, I suggest not watching this movie.  Every time I watch this movie, I am forced to go to the nearest grocery story and buy a box of twinkies and Ale 8.  Why Ale 8?  Because there is no better snack than an Ale 8 with a twinkie.  If you don't believe me, try it and tell me about your experince.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon:

It may be a little late to see this in the theater, but this was suggested by a follower for me to review.  Unlike the first two movies, Megan Fox is not in this one because of her rant on Michael Bay.  I know her acting is not the best but I hate it when they switch main characters out of the movie and don't even try to give an explanation as to why.  The closest thing they come to one is that she didn't love him no more.  Aside from that this is your basic Transformer movie, filled with a lot of fight scenes that has very little to do with humans.  The humans do their fair share of running though which is to be expected, and like the ones before it, Sam Witwicky is trying to save the world.  Not really sure how he managed to do it in the first two, being a scrawny kid that never has a gun, but instead races towards things that instantly stop the battle.  I personally think its kind of lame that a human is always the hero in the Transformer movies.  It just seem ways to far fetched.  The plus side to this movie is that the fight scenes have a very high quality of CGI to them, so it seems to have a realistic value to it.  I think it would be even more realistic if the Transformers weren't so clean all the time.  I can only think of one part of the movie that a Transformer was not shiny enough to see your reflection off them.   I also dislike the story line all together.  The fact that hundreds of Autobots were hiding in our moon and no one knew is hard for me to believe. Because of the plot and other things I mentioned, I am going to say this movie is rent worthy.

I am not sure if there are scenes after the movie so you may want to check.

Also I am adding a poll to where the viewers choose what I watch next.  Should be up soon.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger:

It may be a little late, but as I promised to one of my followers, here is my review over Captain America: The First Avenger.  When I first heard that Captain America was in production, I first thought it was going immediately began my search for any spoilers and trailers I could find.  So it is safe to say that I was excited.  Captain America has always been my favorite comic and is pretty much the only one I tried to follow.  The movie actually went above my expectations that I held going into it.  The way it follows Steve Rogers progression into Captain America, from a scrawny New Yorker that has to use a trash can lid as defense, into the bulky super hero that chucks a massive shield around as an offense was simply amazing.  One part of the movie actually grossed me out which is extremely hard to do.  If you have seen the movie just think of the tooth.  Just the way it happen caught me off guard so I must give a lot of credit to the writer for keeping the plot unpredictable.  There is a love story in the movie which is kind of unanswered, but it should be cleared up in the Avengers.  All together I defiantly say this movie is worth the 8 bucks to watch. 

There is a scene after the credits so don't rush out of the theater!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Conan the Barbarian - 2011:

I got to watch Conan the Barbarian Friday night and it was simply amazing.  If gore and violence is your thing, then this movie was made specifically for you.  The only thing about the movie I dislike is the opening scene.  It shows how the Conan had a warriors birth (in blood), which is fine, but the extent they took it to made it seem a little far-fetched.  Aside from that, I have no complaints about the movie what so ever.  The casting was amazing.  When I think of Conan, a ruthless barbarian that will stop at nothing to destroy those before him, I honestly picture Jason Momoa.  Ever since Star Gate Atlantis I thought he would do better playing a role with a sword that is used to cut people in half and was proven right after watching Conan the Barbarian.  He also plays a great role in Game of Thrones even though you don't see him in a lot of action scenes.  This movie deserves all the attention it was getting before and after opening night.  If you are squeamish you may want to watch it alone in case you are forced to stop watching it.  The thing I would like to see is a young Conan with the kid from the movie.  He played the part very well and should get more work for it.  That being said I defiantly think it was worth the 8 bucks to watch and will probably watch it again before it leaves theaters.

There is no scene after the credits.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Minutes or Less:

It has been a while since my last blog because of some personal issues, but I have finally found some time to review a movie I recently watched.  As you can see from the title, it is 30 minutes or less.  It is about a pizza delivery guy (Jesse Eisenberg) that gets into some trouble when  bomb gets strapped to his chest and his only way of getting it off safely is to come up with $100,000.00.  When I first heard about the plot of the movie I was excited.  It has one of my favorite actors Danny McBride, who I think is way underrated, and it was also directed by Ruben Fleischer.  For those of you who don't know who Ruben Fleischer, he only directed one of the best movies of all time, Zombie Land.  For those of you that haven't seen it, drop what ever you are doing and go buy it directly.  Even with Danny and Ruben having their involvement in the movie, I knew better than to set my hopes up really high for the movie.  Just because Nick Swardson is in it.  He is just an actor I can't seem to find a reason to like.  Nothing he has ever done has even come close to making me laugh and that is extremely hard to do.  Okay, time to stop the complaining about Nick and get to the movie.  The movie starts off showing a toking pizza deliverer that seems to of been inspired by the game taxi way to much.  On the dash you see a clock ticking down which is the time he has to deliver the pizza or it becomes free.  Talented as he is, it seems not every delivery can be on time every time which means he has to come up with some clever ways to cover the cost of the pizza.  This is displayed in the beginning that ends with a crowd pleasing joke.  Pretty much the next 40 minutes of the movie are fillers to let us know how everyone ended up to their current situation which has a lot one liners that eventually build into a fight between two best friends.  It eventually becomes apparent to Danny McBride that he cant rely on his father no more so decides to take matters into his own hands.  Which leads them to Strapping a bomb on Jesse.  The rest of the movie is crammed full of action and scenes and to talk about them in any detail would probably spoil the majority of the movie.  Because of that I will end here and say that I enjoyed the movie a lot, but I don't think its worth the 8 bucks to watch.  I would suggest watching it during a matinee like I did. 

Below I added a choice for you guys to vote one which includes the one I will click 'wait for matinee'.  As always feel free to comment and tell me what you think regardless good or bad.  Also, if there are any movies in theaters or just a random movie you think I should check out and do a review on, please feel free to post them.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

For my first movie review I decided to go with Rise of the Planet of the Apes mainly because I just watched it and it is fresh on my mind.  Before the review I must admit that I was not a fan of Planet of the Apes.  To me it was just slow and what little action scenes it had was bad.  Surprisingly Rise of the Planet of the Apes was crammed full of action and kept up the pace which I desire in a movie.  There is a lot of story filling in the movie but it is distributed in such a manner that it doesn't cause the movie to seem slow and bland.  I even admit, going into this movie I thought James Franco was going to absolutely destroy this movie.  Mostly because I think of him as the drug dealer from Pineapple Express.  But to my surprise he played the part of a loving father, son,  and a medical researcher very well.  There are a scenes that could have been left out and may of made the quality of the movie a little more enjoyable.  One scene that comes to mind is when Caesar was signing with an ape that also knew how to sign and was portrayed to be as intelligent as Caesar without the gene therapy to increase brain cell regeneration and cognitive thinking.  The biggest argument I have about the movie is towards the ending. When the apes that are infected with the gene therapy decide to go release the rest of the apes throughout the city, which includes a zoo and a certain research facility.  The apes are instantly as smart and follow orders and commands like the ones infected with the gene therapy. This makes me feel the ending was rushed.

Overall, I would say this movie is pretty decent and is worth paying the eight dollars to watch.

Also there is a scene in the middle of the credits, so don't rush out of the theater!

Please leave comments and your views about the movie so we can discuss.  Please keep the comments clean.